Rose Tartan Carpet
    Rose Tartan Carpet Rose Tartan Carpet Rose Tartan Carpet

Rose Tartan Carpet

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Rose Tartan Carpet


The Rose clan originate from the Norman 'de Ros' family who settled in Nairn mid 13th century. The family seat has been at Kilravock for 8 centuries. All Rose family records and charters where destroyed by the Wolf of Badenoch in 1390 burned in Elgin Cathedral. After this time, the Rose clan records are the most complete of all clans and the Rose family have maintained an unbroken chain of chiefship since its founding.

The Rose tartan is predominantly red with some azure white and dark stripes.

Crest: A harp upon a chapea
Gaelic Name: Ròs
Motto: Constant and true
Badge: Wild rosemary
Lands: Strathnairn, Ross-shire
Origin of Name:    From the flower
Clan Chief: Miss Elizabeth Rose of Kilravock


Materials: All of our carpets are 80% British Wool and 20% Nylon. Woven 8 row Axminster with a heavy commercial quality.

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