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Our Carpet Binding Service

With over 75 years of carpet binding experience we can transforming your left over carpets into custom runners, rugs, mats and more.

Carpet Binding Price List


Minimum Charge £20.00

Pieces up to 8sqm metres – £4.00 per linear metre

Large pieces over 8sqm – £9.00 per linear metre

Shaped pieces up to 6sqm metres- £7.50 per liner metre

Large shapes pieces over 6sqm metres – £8.50

Taping (standard range) – £15.00 per linear metre, alternative colours POA

Caravan & motorhomes- POA

** Cutting or square off small pieces £10.00 **

** Cutting or square off large pieces £20.00 **

Turn around time around 5-7 working days, may be longer during busy seasons.

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