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MacKenzie Hunting Tartan Sample

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The MacKenzie clan is believed to have descended from the ancient royal house of Lorn, or from the Norman Fitzgerald family in Ireland. Another suggestion is that the name is taken from the pagan god Cernunnos as the Gaelic translation is son of the bright one, and also the MacKenzie shiel has a gold stag’s head ( also the symbol for the god Cernunnos)

The MacKenzie tartan is predominantly blue with green and black and a white and red stripe.

Crest: A mountain in flames.
Gaelic Name: MacCoinnich
Motto: Leceo non uro (I shine, not burn)
Badge: Stagshorn clubmoss
Lands: Ross and Cromarty, Isle of Lewis
Origin of Name: Gaelic, MacCoinnich (Son of the fair)
Seat: No currently recognised Clan Chief, or armigerous clan.


Materials: All of our carpets are 80% British Wool and 20% Nylon. Woven 8 row Axminster with a heavy commercial quality.

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