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Sinclair Hunting Tartan Sample

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The Sinclair clan is thought to originate at St. Clare in Normandy. The clan settled in Midlothian around 1162, and gained through marriage lands in Orkney and Caithness. HTe chief split the family lands giving Caithness to his eldest son and Roslin to another son. The name is spelt Sinclair,  or St. Clare.

The Sinclair tartan is red and green with some black, white and azure.

Crest: A cock rampant
Gaelic Name: Mac na Ceardadh
Motto: Commit thy work to God
Lands: Midlothian, Orkney and Caithness
Clan Chief: The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Caithness


Materials: All of our carpets are 80% British Wool and 20% Nylon. Woven 8 row Axminster with a heavy commercial quality.

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