Watson Tartan Sample
    Watson Tartan Sample Watson Tartan Sample

Watson Tartan Sample

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Watson Tartan Sample


Please note all samples are not a meter square. Only one sample be ordered at a time.


The name Watson derives from Walter along with many other such as Wat, Watt MacWattie, Macouat and MacWatson. The name is fairly common throughout Scotland and England however more strongly associate with certain areas such as Aberdeen and Kincardinshire. 

The Watsons are linked to the Forbes clan in Angus and to the Buchanans in Stirlingshire and western Perthshire. 

Crest: Two hands holding the trunk of an oak tree sprouting and the hands issuing out of clouds 
Motto: Inspirata Floruit (It Has Flourished Beyond Expectation) 
Origin of Name: Son of Walter (Watt)
Region: Lowlands 


Materials: All of our carpets are 80% British Wool and 20% Nylon. Woven 8 row Axminster with a heavy commercial quality.

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