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MacGregor Red Tartan Rug Bespoke Sizes

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The MacGregor clan are said to be descendants of Grigor, the third son of Kenneth MacAlpin, Kind of the Scots in the 9th century., giving the motto ‘ my race is royal’. After Robert the Bruce gifted the Campbell clan the MacGregor’s land, the MacGregors relocated to Glenstrae and is said to have survived by cattle rustling. Persecution of the MacGregors continued until the clan was outlawed in 1603 were King James VI banished the name and many of the clan were forced to change to Murray, King, Grant and other names to avoid death. The family were then known as ‘children of the mist’. The clan was reestablished in 1775 with General John Murray (MacGregor) of Lanark was appointed Chief.

The MacGregor Red tartan is a rich red with green and a white stripe.

Crest:  A crowned lions head.
Gaelic Name: MacGrioghair
Motto: ‘S rioghal mo dhream (My race is royal)
Badge: Pine
Lands: Argyll and Perthshire
Origin of Name: Son of Gregory (Flocksman)
Clan Chief: Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor Bt the 7th baronet of Lanrick and Balquhidder.
Seat: Irvine House


Materials: All of our rugs are 80% British Wool and 20% Nylon. Woven 8 row Axminster with a heavy commercial quality.

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